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Starting in 2021, we’re reading through the Bible over 3 years, using the book Search the Scriptures. We know that God grows us as Christians through his Word and by His Holy Spirit and therefore we want to encourage one another to read together - and be talking about what we’re reading - so that we might grow together.

There are a number of ways to keep up with the reading plan:

  • Buy the book Search the Scriptures
  • Follow the passage references using the church’s weekly notices email

Got Questions about Tricky Passages?

During the course of the year, if you come across a tricky passage and want to ask a question about it, you can use the contact form below to submit your question.

Fill out my online form.

Bible Gateway

As you listen to a sermon, it's helpful to have the Bible passage to hand. An easy way to access the Bible is through Bible Gateway. Simply use the search box at the top of the Bible Gateway website to look up a passage.



We love the Bible because God speaks to us through it. The Bible is central to our Sunday services. Click here to view our most recent sermons, catch up or listen again.

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Visit our bookshop at 10ofthose.com
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